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Why Live the LIVT Experience

Are you tired of standing in lines, waiting on baggage, and waiting on aircraft? Live the LIVT Life & Experience.

Spend More Time With The People You Love

Are you taking 3 business days for only a few hours of meetings? You've worked hard for your success and your time is limited, so why waste your time in a hotel room ad o the road?

What Its Like to Fly in The PC-12

This video shows the features for one of the greatest planes ever built.

The Pilatus PC-12

Suburban in The Sky: Pilatus PC12

Take a look at the features that makes the Pilatus PC 12 a great aircraft.

Where Private Aviation Meets Practicality

Have you not worked hard for your success? Take control of your life! Stop standing in lines, Fly LIVT.

The Story of PC 12 NG Owner John Cassimus

A personal narrative into why people prefer the PC-21

We Are Pilatus Class

MDH Pty Ltd Owner and Operator of a PC 12 NG

PC 12 NG and PC 24 fly to NBAA 2017

Isn't it time for the PC 12

Pilatus PC-12 Late Morning Start Up

PC-12 The World's Greatest Single



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