Single Engine vs. Two Engine Aircrafts

The Pilatus PC-12 is a product of outfitting a light and efficient airframe with one massively powerful engine aircraft that married state-of-the-art structural design with a powerful, turbine engine. For decades, the single-engine has been critiqued under the preconceived notion that aircrafts with two or more engines are significantly safer while lacking both power and reliability. Proponents of multi-engine superiority have so demonized single-engine planes, it’s a wonder they haven’t been systematically wiped out by panic-stricken pilots. But where did this idea come from?

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What is a FBO?

FBO is short for Fixed-Base Operator. In simplest terms, they are private jet terminals. When you book a private charter flight, your broker or operator will typically advise you which FBO your flight will be departing from.

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Why We Fly The Pilatus PC-12

Versatile. Safe. Reliable. Proven. These are terms operators of PC-12s frequently use to describe their aircraft, and why so many people around the world trust the PC-12 to fly their families, employees, customers and critical cargo. Add comfort, quality, efficiency and time savings to the list of benefits for those who travel on the world’s most popular single-engine business aircraft.

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First Timer: FAQ

For many people, Flying private for the first time may be intimidating, but don’t worry we got you covered! At LIVT, we make your life easy. With multiple booking options and a lifestyle experience coordinator, you’ll never be left stranded. At LIVT, we’re always ready for LIVT off. Read this blog to Learn More!

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