LIVT's Blue Card Membership Service Introduction for You, Your Family, & Your Life-Style!!!

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 Over the last twenty years, LIVT has perfected our Membership Program to keep our current and new Members flying.  When and how they choose with a tailored and flexible regional solution to private aviation. Which provides a service designed to exceed Your expectations and see You Never Stand in Lines Again!  I now welcome you to read through tLIVT's Blue Card Membership Program, designed for You, Your Family, & Your Life-Style, "Blue Card Membership"

 “We do not strive to be the biggest, simply the Best & Safest for our Members.”

Your time, Your business & Your lifestyle

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Dedicated Lifestyle Cordinator 

When you join LIVT, You gain a dedicated Life-Style Coordinator who’s single responsibility is to oversee Your request and to get to know You & Your unique travel needs. This individual will know You, Your family, kids, & fur babies along with be your sole liason for every interaction with LIVT.  We have learned over the years that no matter how automated our systems become, people enjoy talking to people.  The goal, to save You future brain damage, while giving you access to a familiar voice who knows You & Your travel needs. This way You never become a number on a page or a cog in a wheel!!!

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Best of Class of Aircraft - Pilatus PC-12 & Citation Excel 

LIVT offer’s an airplane class that can provide all of the safety, comfort, and performance of a light jet, but for half of the price. LIVT Members have access to these tremendous aircraft without any of the risk or liability associated with ownership. 

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Flexibility getting You Closer to Your Destination 

When you fly with LIVT, you gain access to more then 5,000 airports in the US alone, which see’s Your Adventures are not limited to locations that commercial air transportation can not provide You. This not only saves you money, but your most valuable resource; TIME,  by getting you closer to Your destination so you can get there fast & then take it slow!. 

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Our Training, Your Safety

Safety is LIVT’s number One Priority, which is why All Team Members of LIVT receive the highest training initially & re-occurring, simulated & actual, for Your Safety.  We don’t fly when its unsafe for our Members, Team, or anyone.  No matter the event or its importance, You & Your Families Well-Fair come 1st.

LIVT's Suburban in the Sky Pilatus PC-12 Performance Specs Video

As You can see Your Suburban in the Sky, Pilatus PC-12 is the Safest most Versatile aircraft for You and Your Family. This aircraft can fly You to Las Vegas one day & the next take You to an island in the Bahamas off the grid. Where You can land on a 3000 ft strip, within walking distance of Your next Adventure.  The Pilatus PC-12 is not the fastest aircraft, but it is the most versatile aircraft which gives money & time back to You!

LIVT's Primary Service Areas for You 

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LIVT’s primary regional service area’s encompasses, with the exclusion of Cuba, the four 800 nautical mile circles as seen above in the lightly purple shaded areas. Blue Card Members will be able to fly at a standard rate to any destination within one of the four member chosen service areas without reposition charges or standard overnight charges. Additionally, LIVT service’s all other areas for an out of service area charge that begins and ends at the primary service area boundary. Other international fees apply for flights outside of the United States.

The Nitty Gritty Details 

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