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"Private Aviation vs. First Class"

Private Aviation vs. First Class

Should You Fly In a Private or First Class? The question. Fly first class or rent a private airplane charter? The answer is not as simple as it might

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Guide for First Time Private Fliers

Flying private allows you to decide almost everything about your flight. Such a luxury but can be intimidating for first-timers. We know how overwhelming flying private can be. It can be so nerve-wracking trying to plan and book your flight. Let’s get into it!

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LIVT branded pillow on top of an airplane seats | Private Aviation | LIVT - LIVT

How Clean is the Cabin Air on a Private Aircraft?

There has always been a myth that the cabin air on an aircraft is filthy and unhealthy. Many have said that breathing “airplane air” caused them to catch a cough or get sick in general. Especially after COVID-19, people are more concerned with airborne diseases now than ever before.

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Field of planes on runway | Private Aviation

Why Are Airplanes White?

Have you ever wondered why all planes are white? You probably thought the colour was for aesthetic purposes. We can all agree that the simple white paint is a very sleek and classy look for a plane. Although, there is a more scientific explanation.

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A Pilatus PC-12 landing on a rough landing strip with ease

How does Weather affect my Private Flight?

The Pilatus PC-12 is a product of outfitting a light and efficient airframe with one massively powerful engine aircraft that married state-of-the-art structural design with a powerful, turbine engine. For decades, the single-engine has been critiqued under the preconceived notion that aircrafts with two or more engines are significantly safer while lacking both power and reliability. Proponents of multi-engine superiority have so demonized single-engine planes, it’s a wonder they haven’t been systematically wiped out by panic-stricken pilots. But where did this idea come from?

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Ownership vs. Lease vs. Membership

| Ownership Vs. Lease Vs. Membership Private Aviation Membership The waffle maker example: Ownership, Lease, and Membership. If you’re wondering, yes, you read that right. Will we be comparing a

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Pilatus Top View | Birdseye view of Pilatus PC-12 flying showcasing the Top of the Plane | Pilatus PC-12 | Plane

Private Aviation Memberships

| Private Aviation Memberships Private Aviation Membership Studies show that jet cards are becoming increasingly popular as affluent travelers and companies seek safe travel solutions. In light of COVID-19 Private

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Close up on the propeller of a Pilatus PC-12 On The Ground​


| Aviophobia Aviophobia Join us on our adventure in the sky– literally a bus with wings that operates in a way that is not naturally possible. That sounds fun, right?

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LIVT fly Pilatus PC-12 Private airplane Pilatus Pc 12

Pilatus PC-12

| “Why LIVT flies the Pilatus PC-12″ LIVT fly Pilatus PC-12 Today we want to break down the Pilatus PC-12 or what we like to call, the Suburban in the

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A Pilatus PC12 Fly's high above the mountains off into the sunset

Private Vs Commercial

| Should You Fly In a Private or First Class? The question. Fly first class or rent a private airplane charter? The answer is not as simple as it might

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