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A Turboprop Membership Program

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Private jet charter aviation flights in the continental United States are less than 3 hours or 800nm.

We are truly unique as we provide a regional flight model that grants members with a choice(s) of a set 800nm service area. This provides LIVT with a unique advantage to reduce our risk and costs associated with each trip to ultimately pass off the costs to our members and provide a better-quality service.

Many existing private aviation membership models charge a higher hourly rate to allow their customers to fly across the continental United States when most truly do not need or use this type of service.

With LIVT, your hourly rate is lower by (on average) 30% than the options available in the market by allowing you to fly more frequent regional trips within your chosen service area. We still gives you the flexibility to undertake longer trips as an additional service when needed.

With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility​

LIVT’s primary service area encompasses, with the exclusion of Cuba, the four 800 nautical mile service area's. Membership Card members will be able to fly at a fixed standard rate to any destinations within your chosen service areas. Other international fees & scheduling considerations apply for flights outside of the United States.

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Your Next Flight Isn’t Just A Flight.

For Leisure

Recommended for those flying up to 45 hours a year

White Card Membership

Our “Pay as you go” White Card guarantees our fixed standard hourly rate as a 12 month membership term that gives you access to our fleet. This rate includes standard charges and standard reposition within your chosen service area. A great start for those tipping their toes into private aviation.

Purple Cards Membership

Our Purple Card gives you the “Best bang for your buck” this membership provides a lower fixed hourly rate-- which includes standard charges and standard repositioning within your one chosen service area. This membership is best for those flying 30 hours a year or more with friends and family.

For Business

Recommended for those flying more than 45 hours a year

Platinum Card Membership

The Platinum Card was made because we believe “Your lifestyle requires more”. Our Platinum Card provides a fixed hourly rate-- which includes standard charges and standard reposition within your two side-by-side service areas, and a shorter call out period.

Black Card Membership

The Black Card lets you “Fly anytime, anywhere”. The card provides a fixed hourly rate which includes standard charges and standard reposition within your three side-by-side chosen service areas, and shorter call out periods.

Yes you have to be a member to fly with LIVT. LIVT memberships is one of the best ways of flying private while keeping your overall cost of flying low. Comparing memberships can be confusing so we designed ours to be easy to understand. To get our full comparison and pricing detail, talk to one of our team members so they can get you with a membership information package that best fits your individual mission profile.

The biggest benefit of becoming a member is that you’ll pay one of the efficient hourly rates in the industry. Guaranteeing your commitment with us for a period of time allows us to allocate our resources in advance to service you with the best and most affordable rates in a Pilatus PC-12.

We understand situations can change so some of our memberships offer a complimentary opt out period.


If you plan on flying 30 hours a year or more, the Blue Card Membership is going to offer you your lowest hourly rate while if you are more of an occasional flyer—less than 30 hours a year, we recommend the White Card Membership to get your lowest hourly rate.

Got more questions? Book a quick call with our sales team or visit our FAQ Page.

The Best for the Busiest.​

Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single engine turboprop jet that can carry up to 9 passengers and 1 pilot, what we like to call the suburban in the sky! The airplane has been manufactured for over 25 years and Pilatus (a Swiss company) has been building aircraft for more than 75 years, mainly military trainers for multiple countries. The aircraft is known because of its versatility, it is used by the US Airforce...

Short Reads. Long Thoughts.

"Fly with Confidence: Safety, Training, and Sanitization"

“Why LIVT flies the Pilatus PC-12"

Change is in the Air.

Private aviation can be complicated, our podcast breaks it down in minutes! The LIVT podcast discusses how our company is changing the private aviation industry with affordable regional flying options for its members and how it differs with traditional chartering.

Ready to LIVT off?

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