Flying Private meets Practicality!!!

Private Flying

LIVT offers our members access to a unique set of extremely safe private aircraft, what we call best of class aircraft, at a transparent inclusive cost, to meet our members regional travel needs, whether it is for business or pleasure. Flying Private is always more expensive than flying commercial. With LIVT Private Aviation meets Practicality!!!

Waiting in lines or missing meetings because Your not flying with a business jet membership service is not a luxury You can not afford? If You are to Rise above Your Competition? With LIVT's Best of Class Aircraft, You gain access to 2000 more airports. Meaning to You, get closer to Your Destination, Your next Deal, and still be back home that night to spend it with family. Stop Taking 3 days to have two meetings because you have to drive 6 hours one way!!!! Rise Above the Competition!!!

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Your time, Your business & Your lifestyle

Flying Private

LIVT’s mission is to give our members more Time by flying private. What this means to you, is LIVT provides a solution that see’s our members do not waste time waiting in airports. Because of our best of class aircraft,  our members gain access to more airports which can get them closer to their destination, while carrying more for less, and allowing our members to spend their time as they desire, not as an airline demands. 


Are you tired of standing in security lines and getting patted down because your watch or necklace threw off the X-Ray machine? What about delays, cancellations, and the fun of baggage claim? Is this your lifestyle? LIVT is a Private Aviation Membership Service that is designed for your lifestyle no matter how exceptional.

Flying Private Full side view of a Citation Excel sitting on a runway, blue card membership
Flying Private PC12 at a hanger on a cloudy day Video Pilatus PC-12


LIVT innovates tirelessly to give you "Your Life Back One Hour At A Time" without taking your hard-earned success. Therefore, when you join LIVT, you gain access to 'The Quintess Collection' at the LIVT member rate.


Imagine driving your vehicle up to the aircraft, casually loading your bags into the airplane, and getting yourself and your family situated in the aircraft. Fifteen minutes later, your next journey has begun, and You are airborne & on your way to Your destination. Flying Private Gives You Freedom, Choice, & Your Time back!!!

Flying Private Drive right up to a Pilatus PC-12 when you fly privately with LIVT.


The foundation of the LIVT Membership is within its name where LIVT= LIFE. Your lifestyle, our innovation & vision, for your time! Our mission and product is Your Time, joined with your safety & the inspiring freedom of flying private.

Flying Private

LIVT’s Business Jet Membership Services our Ideal for businesses who want to Go Further, Go Faster, and Carry More, For Less. No matter how big or small Your business, LIVT prioritizes Your Safety & Time. Joined with a flexible solution to meet Your Regional Travel needs, without the Financial Burden of owning Your own Airplane!!!

Do You enjoy traveling to Your Favorite destination? But does it take a full day of travel, due to connecting flights just to get there? Join this with standing in security lines, waiting on baggage, delays, and cancellations make You want to stay home? Is this type of Brain Damage, Your Life-Style? Is this why You have worked Hard for Your Success? Take control of Your Time & Start Flying Private with LIVT!!!

"When LIVT's Private Aviation Membership was created, a Rebellion began. LIVT's aim is to bring the world a service that inspires our members and always challenges the status quo, while continuously exceeding ones expectations at a price point demanded by the mindset of today. We just happen to provide a service in the the Private Aviation Membership Space, which was created for You, Your Time, & Your Lifestyle."