LIVT’s mission is to give our members more Time by flying, cabin private. What this means to you, is LIVT provides a solution that see’s our members do not waste time waiting in airports. Because of our best of class aircraft, our members gain access to more airports which can get them closer to their destination, while carrying more for cockpit less, and allowing our members to spend their time as they desire, not as an airline demands.

To the casual observer, all Pilatus PC–12s may look alike. True, their basic appearance hasn’t changed a great deal since the original PC–12 made its 1994 debut, but deep down the airplane has gone through a series of gross weight increases and other significant improvements.

Imagine driving your vehicle up to the aircraft, casually loading your bags into the airplane, and getting yourself and your family situated in the aircraft. Fifteen minutes later, your next journey has begun, and You are airborne & on your way to Your destination. Flying Private Gives You Freedom, Choice, & Your Time back!!!

In 2008, the PC–12 NG brought Honeywell’s Apex glass cabin to the airplane, among other performance and system upgrades. The Apex avionics suite replaced the original PC–12’s old-school Bendix/King panel, with its round gauges and KLN90B GPS navigator. But the biggest news came in 2019 with the introduction of the latest model: the PC–12 NGX.

Digital engine control offers other benefits in the PC–12 NGX. The PCL is linear in its power application, free of any of the flat spots or lags of the sort that can affect fuel control units managed by traditional, manually controlled pushrod linkages. And although the NGX’s engine has the same 1,200-shaft-horsepower maximum power output as previous PC–12s, its digital torque limiting function is much more precise, which Pilatus says permits up to 10 percent more thrust in climb and cruise. This gives the airplane a published maximum cruise speed of 290 knots—five knots faster than earlier PC–12 models.

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