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Why Book a Demo Flight ?

We believe that confidence in your aviation membership is of the utmost importance. At LIVT, we want all of our future members to have an opportunity to fly with us before making any commitments. 

Experience LIVT

 Not only will you have a chance to fly in an exceptional private aircraft, but there are many other perks that come with this experience that makes this service exceptional.

Explore the PC-12

Explore The Pilatus PC-12, the aircraft that has gained a reputation among owners and members for its incredible versatility, operational flexibility, and immense reliability.

Speak To Our Team

Showcasing our aircraft and team with a demo flight is something we enjoy doing as we are proud of what LIVT has to offer. Get to know our staff and understand our company better. 

What is a Demo Flight?

Although we do not offer international demo flights or weeklong vacations, we do accommodate for same day trips as long as they are within a 1 - 2-hour flight range OR a local airport/city flight in which we depart from and return to the same airport - commonly described as "a flight around the patch".

In order to accommodate these requests, we will issue the deeply discounted charges and abide by the criteria described below. 

  1. Up to 2.0 hours reposition at $650/hour (deeply discounted).
  2. All variable expenses at cost (all airport fees)
  3. Occupied time charged at $1500/hour (deeply discounted)
  4. We ask that you provide several dates and options so our team may work around our current schedules to provide you with the best experience.

Book A Demo Flight

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