Everything you need to Know about One Way and Transient Flights

Everything you need to Know about One Way and Transient Flights

Have an unexpected trip that’s come up at the last minute? Looking to experience the benefits of first-class travel at a fraction of the price? Hop aboard one of our world-class empty leg flights at a discounted rate!

Confused? Navigating your way between empty leg flights and one-way flights and transients can be slightly tricky. Aviation jargon can seem like a foreign language, even to the most well-traveled jetsetters, we understand that. At LIVT, your understanding of the aviation industry is important, which is yet another reason we give every member a designated lifestyle coordinator. But if you want to read about stuff on your own, we got you covered! Empty leg flights have become increasingly popular in the world of private air travel, but what is an empty leg flight and what does it mean to you?

Let’s start with quick and easy definitions!

An empty leg flight or one way flight is a plane that is flying empty to reposition or return for an already booked trip. Although aircraft operators try to accommodate schedules to avoid inefficiency, a whopping 30% of all private aircraft fly empty, creating substantial inventory of empty leg flights.

A transient flight/aircraft on the other hand, is an aircraft that is temporarily on the ground at an airport other than its home base and is not being used. Transient aircrafts DO NOT have to be positioned at your desired departure airport and can be repositioned to a destination that suits you best.

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So how are these occurrences made?
An empty leg flight or transient flight can be made in two ways: Repositioning and Returning.

A repositioning empty leg flight would occur when, for example, a LIVT member has booked a flight from Texas to Colorado however, the closest aircraft is in Arizona. The aircraft would need to fly from Arizona to Texas and would fly empty.

A return empty leg flight on the other hand would occur when, for example, a LIVT member books a one-way flight from an a LIVT base to Aspen, Colorado. That private aircraft needs to return back to the LIVT base and thus, would fly empty.

What does this mean for you?
Simply put, you save money! And who doesn’t love saving money? Private aviation is a on-demand travel solution, so when the aircraft is repositioning, the aircraft operator may not be able to find a full-price customer who wants a one-way charter to match that specific route and time, on that particular aircraft.

Empty leg flights create opportunities for flexible flyers to hop in private planes at a fraction of the cost, a huge benefit for leisure travelers who enjoy flying around the world while beholden to no schedule. Since they need to move the aircraft anyway, the operator will generally be happy to offer the empty part of the flight at a significant discount, compared to the full price.

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How much is an empty leg flight?
The cost of an empty leg flight deal can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. Firstly, the destination and length of flight can cause the cost to change significantly, as well as the type of aircraft and how many passengers need to travel. Each empty leg is completely different and therefore the price will reflect this.

If you are flexible enough with your plans and are just seeking a one-way flight, then you could benefit from a much-reduced airfare than a regular private aviation service. Empty leg prices could be as much as 25-75% cheaper, depending on the particular flight details.

If you want to enjoy a private flight experience at a reduced rate, then an empty leg flight could work out really well for you. Providing that you have an open mind when it comes to where you are flying to and are able to organise accommodation and return travel arrangements at the last minute, then you could be flying by private jet at a very reasonable, discounted price. Check LIVT’s One Way Flight Opportunities Here: https://livt.life/one-way-flights/ Visual learner? Here's a quick rundown of how empty leg flights work.

So what are you waiting for? Envoy the hassle-free lifestyle and join LIVT today!

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Empty Leg Flight Infographic
Empty Leg Flight Infographic

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