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Frequently Asked Questions​

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Besides utilizing one of the safest and most efficient aircraft in the industry today, LIVT’s Team of experienced personnel are dedicated to customer service every single step of the way.  From each and every email, every telephone call to ensuring your aircraft and crew are everything you expect and more; LIVT is dedicated to you and your family’s needs.

Private Jet Charter is expensive!   LIVT offers you the safety and speed to fly to most of your preferred destinations without the high cost of Jet Travel yet sacrificing none of the luxury.  Additionally, with the Pilatus PC-12, we are able to get into many more airports than a Jet thus getting you closer to your destination sooner to enjoy more of what is important to you.  LIVT’s experienced team is able to discuss with you your individual needs and ensure each flight caters to you.

If you travel airlines at all within the Continental United States and/or Central America and the Caribbean Islands then LIVT is for you.  LIVT airplanes can pick you up closer to your home, can be ready to take-off within 15 minutes of your arrival to the airport, in most cases you may pull your car (or hire-car) onto the ramp up to the aircraft for easier loading and unloading, have exactly what you desire on board (food and drinks), have the cabin temperature you prefer, no strangers to share the flight with and so much more.

LIVT Members fly all over the Continental United States, Canada as well as Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.  LIVT is available to arrange all other International flights for you as needed.


There are several ways to request a flight with LIVT;

For Our Members:

  1. You may email our reservations team and cc your LSEC
  2. call your LSEC at 832-797-9526 or 
  3. call Reservations directly at 844-548-5488, ext. 5

No matter which way you initiate a trip request, you will always receive an email confirmation of this request to ensure all is as you requested.  After the initial email confirming your request was received, your LIVT team will check schedule availability as well as all logistics surrounding your request (weather, events, aircraft/crew availability and much more) before sending you back a tentative itinerary to review.  You can expect a second emailed itinerary stating your trip is confirmed then a final “confirmed trip” itinerary email on the eve of your departure with all of the airplane specifics (the aircraft registry and crew names).  The “confirmed itinerary” will be emailed out the eve of every leg of your trip. LIVT will always call you if there are any changes or delays within 48-hours of your scheduled departure time.  In the case of any changes from you, you can expect the same email pattern for all itineraries for your trips.

The further ahead your flight is planned, the higher the likelihood of availability for your first-choice day and time.  LIVT plans availability of flights based on our Members contract hours thus standard requests made between two months and 2 weeks out are generally as requested.  When a Member utilizes more hours than their contract had forecasted, this is when we may have a shortage of availability and thus will have to ask for flexibility to those that are flying.  Additionally, during peak time periods (holidays and major events) these flights require more notice and at times some flexibility among Members.  If you have a last-minute need, be sure to reach out LIVT where your team will do all possible to make it happen for you.

Although we recommend booking your flight 2 weeks in advance, please be aware that the minimum notice time for Blue Card Members is 48 hours and  the minimum notice time for Platinum Card Members is 36 hours.

Your time is valuable!  When you arrive, the crew will stow your baggage, get you situated and usually be ready to depart in only 10 minutes after your arrival (assuming all information was provided to your LIVT team previously; all passenger details (full names, dates-of-birth, weights and an estimate on the baggage count and weights).  Every effort is made to provide you and your guests a hassle-free trip.  LIVT asks that you plan to arrive at the airport FBO about 15-minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to allow time for the ID check, baggage loading and other to ensure an on-time departure.

At many locations, you are able to obtain access to the airport ramp to drive your car right up to the aircraft to load or unload your baggage.  Please work with your LIVT team to arrange this.


With a LIVT Membership, you are assigned a personal lifestyle experience coordinator that are committed to learning and knowing all your travel specifications.

FAA 135 Certification requires frequent aircraft maintenance responsibilities, continuing crew education, flight competency checks, random safety and equipment inspections, and monitored crew duty and rest periods.

Often referred to as “FBO”, this is usually a commercial business allowed to operate on airport grounds in order to provide services to the airport; an organization granted the right by an airport to provide aeronautical services.  In many smaller airports (in remote or modest communities), the town itself may be the provider of these services and operate a basic FBO facility.   Most FBO’s doing business at airports of high to moderate traffic volume are non-governmental organizations, i.e. either privately or publicly held companies.  An FBO is the primary provider of support-services to general aviation operators at public-use airports and on land leased from the airport.  In essence, they are private jet terminals located on the grounds of an airport.  FBO’s provide many services such as: fueling for the airplanes, parking, hangars, mechanical services for the airplanes, flight instruction, pilot lounge and so on.  What an FBO can do for you the passenger is services such as: provide conference facilities, assist with baggage handling on departure/arrival, give your pilot a place to wait for your return, have a rental car waiting for you, be the middleman for special catering requests, supply coffee/newspapers and more.   Allowing your LIVT team to select the FBO to be utilized will at times save you money in that some FBO’s charge more fees than others and the Jet-A fuel prices varies from city to city as well as between FBO’s located at the same airport.  LIVT Reservations will provide a trip-sheet with all of the FBO’s to be utilized that will include the addresses and telephone numbers but if you have an FBO that you prefer to use, be sure to advise your LIVT team.

Leather seats, heat and a/c, fully pressurized, power outlets and an enclosed lavatory are just a few of the items to expect on these aircraft. Most of the aircraft (Pilatus PC-12 and equivalent turbo-props) have an array of standard airplane snacks (pre-packaged small snacks).  There will also be basic drinks provided such as bottled waters and various sodas.  Hot coffee and tea can be provided if asked for in advance to have on board.  LIVT would like to ensure your favorite soft drink, water and snacks are on board for your flights so please be sure to pass along this information to your LIVT team.  Custom catering can be provided per special request.

Crew members are required (per Federal Aviation Regulations FAR Part 135) to have a 10-hour rest period within each 24-hour cycle. The maximum duty day is 14 hours and must be followed by a 10-hour rest period at their hotel or home.

Duty Day is NOT Flight Time.  Crews are on Duty prior to, during and after the actual flight.

The Max Duty Day is 14-hours 

The Max Flight Time with one pilot is 8-hours 

The Max Flight Time with two crew members is 10-hours

When scheduling a flight, operators usually account for 11 to 12 hours of rest instead of 10. The extra hours allow the crew time to get to their hotel, rest for the required time, and return to the airport.  Pilots conduct a pre-flight inspection and fuel up generally at least 1 hour before flight. After the flight, they need another 30 minutes to an hour for their post-flight routines on the plane. If there’s a fuel stop, this might take up to one hour. This leaves up to 10 hours to fly, which is the maximum permitted in 24 hours. This is sometimes referred to as the 24/10 rule.

If a pilot exceeds the max crew duty, they can get infractions on their record or even lose their license. If a customer is running late and a crew is nearing their max crew duty this may result in the flight having to be delayed for crew rest.  Some confusion lies with the actual definition of “rest” as it pertains to the crew.  The FAA has defined this as ‘freedom from any obligation.’ Any time that a crewmember is expected to answer a call for an assignment, that isn’t rest.”  The crew must be completely off duty and either have a hotel to sleep in or be at their home base without any calls from “work”.  When a crew member commutes via airline to replace another crew, even this time counts as part of their Duty Day.

Link to FAR Part 135.267:  https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=1fced05ababc9fdc65e06b5dc2a7d4d4&mc=true&node=se14.3.135_1267&rgn=div8

Yes, you can name up to 4 other lead passengers, including yourself for a maximum of 5 total.


The Pilatus PC-12 comes equipped with a private lavatory (toilet).

No, you will not need to go through security check.

Yes, LIVT provides standard soft drinks, general snacks, water and coffee on all flights with no additional charge.


Whether it’s the reliability, safety, space, or the accessibility you crave, the features and benefits of the Pilatus PC-12 can cross it off your list.To start, the Pilatus PC-12 accommodates the safest engine with the lowest accident rate of 0.60% – lower than any other light, mid-size, or heavy jet and turboprop. The airplane has been manufactured for over 25 years and Pilatus (a Swiss company) has been building aircraft for more than 75 years, mainly military trainers for multiple countries.

You may already be impressed, but we aren’t done yet! The aircraft’s front propeller allows for smoother travel, functionality, and control which ensures safer flights and reduced variability. The aircraft’s versatility and durability is what makes it a trusted aircraft used by the US Airforce and law enforcement.

To add, LIVT implements a 300-hour maintenance check and flight check to certify that it is fit for flight. These tests verify that every part is suitable for travel even in the toughest of conditions.

Our staff is top-performing, strategically chosen, and high ranking individuals with over 10,000 hours of in-air experience. To guarantee top performance, our staff must meet above-industry standards. With the preliminary requirements of a 135 air care certificate; certifying the right to provide commercial air carriage, a federal background check, a 10,000-hour minimum time experience requirement with a turboprop or turbo aircraft, and the passing of all precautionary testing such as a drug test, LIVT can safeguard members.
Furthermore, LIVT continually puts its staff to the test to verify that we consistently operate above standards. Once a pilot is hired, they must undergo multiple training modules, to make certain that they are fit for flight. The pilots must complete modules include but are not limited to: in-dock ground training, base training, aircraft/flight training and check ride with the FA. They must also complete a semi-annual proficiency training, pop-up quality control checks, policy and regulation checks, maintenance checks, and judgment/mental wellness evaluations.

With over 9,000 hours of air travel, LIVT is proud to announce that we’ve upheld a faultless reputation with zero near-incidental occurrences.

To add, LIVT implements a 300-hour maintenance check and flight check to certify that it is fit for flight. These tests verify that every part is suitable for travel even in the toughest of conditions.


Empty-Legs are flights that occur after dropping off a client and repositioning to the next airport for a future client.  These flights are trips that must go, whether empty or with passengers, because another client is booked to use the aircraft down the line.    Your best deal can be made if your itinerary lines up exactly with the departure and arrival points and times planned by the aircraft. Using Empty-Legs to fill your travel needs requires extreme flexibility.  For example, if the client whose flight created the Empty-Leg opportunity cancels his flight, the Empty-Leg no longer exists and you could be left to find another flight.

Great deals can also be had if you utilize part of an Empty-Leg.  For example, if an aircraft has a Palm Springs to Chicago Empty-Leg available, but you only need to fly to Denver, you can utilize the Empty-Leg to make a One-Way flight.  This is still a great bargain but again, flexibility is required to take advantage of a true One-Way flight.  Most air charter operators impose a cancellation fee of 100% of the charter fee if you cancel a One-Way, as they will usually still have to fly the aircraft along your planned routing to pick up their next passenger as planned.

Another flight opportunity is a Transient-Flight.  A Transient Aircraft is an aircraft that is temporarily on the ground at an airport other than its home base and is not being used. The aircraft is usually transient because it makes more financial sense to leave it at that airport until the return flight.  Transient aircraft are typically away from home base for 2 to 5 days and can be available for charter at discounted prices.  Finding a transient aircraft that is near your desired departure airport is a GREAT way for you to save money on a round-trip flight. Why? Because the aircraft is not in its typical market and would like to get some work anyway. 

LIVT will email and text these special Flight Opportunities to our Member’s as they come available.  Be on the lookout for these messages as these are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and generally with little notice.  Empty-Legs, One-Ways and Transient Flight Opportunities are not part of a Members contracted flight hours.  Each of these opportunities are agreed upon and paid for in advance of the flight and the hours do not come off of a Member’s contract hours.

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Blue Cards Membership

Our Blue Card gives you the “Best bang for your buck” this membership includes standard charges and standard reposition within your one chosen service area. Blue Card Members also gain access to all Holiday flying dates, along with LIVT Empty Legs at 50% of the Cost! Each Blue Card Member is assigned a Lifestyle Experience Coordinator who is dedicated to You and Your Flight Missions.
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The Platinum Card was made because we believe “Your lifestyle requires more” Our Platinum Card Fee includes standard charges and standard reposition within your two adjoined chosen service areas. Platinum Card Members also gain access to all Holiday flying dates, along with LIVT Empty Legs at only 25% of the cost! Each Platinum Card Member is assigned a Lifestyle Experience Coordinator who is dedicated to You and Your Flight Missions.
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