Flying With Pets

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether our members can bring their furry friends on board. Our answer? ABSOLUTELY! The membership is for you and your family after all and we all know our fur babies are one of the most integral parts of a family.

Pets on Commercial Flights
While flying commercial, pets are typically separated from their owners and put in the cargo hold of the commercial aircraft where conditions are not always friendly; temperatures can fluctuate wildly, noise can be tremendous and air pressure can drop significantly, and pets that are checked into this dark space beneath the passenger cabin can sometimes be fatal.

“Unforeseen hazards can arise once a plane is loaded and prepped for takeoff. On airplanes that have been delayed after leaving the terminal and parked on the blazing tarmac, temperatures can escalate dangerously. Pets have also died due to low temperatures. In 2010, two dogs and a cat perished due to extreme cold in transit, according to the Huffington Post. One of these animals was a hairless kitten named Snickers. The cat’s owner had paid a $70 fee to ensure her pet’s swift removal from the plane. However, it reportedly took baggage handlers 50 minutes to remove the kitten’s kennel from the cargo hold. Snickers died shortly thereafter.” (Bland, 2013)

Furthermore, the conditions they may endure can result in a traumatizing experience and the last thing we would want for your loved little friend is to hurt them.

Pets on a Private Flight
Founded by pet-owners, at LIVT we try our best to make sure your baby experiences the same luxury you do. By flying private, we allow our owners to take their furry friends on board and let them roam free in the cabin.

With each country having varying rules and regulations as to the importation of pets, our designated lifestyle coordinators work closely with our members to discuss the options they have before scheduling a flight. But don’t panic, many airports and private jet operators now have the approval to handle private charter flights with pets onboard.

This One is For You
Not only does your pet skip out on the hassle, stress, and trauma but so do you! Enjoy the hassle-free life and skip the planning process of booking a flight and research for all the requirements your pet has to meet. In addition, your WHOLE family gets to enjoy The LIVT Life and go on vacation as a unit.

As long as your friend is 8 weeks or older, you can provide proof of their rabies vaccination and meet the specific Centres for Disease Control (CDC) specifications depending on the state. Your designated lifestyle coordinator can deal with logistics.

Why must they meet these requirements? The US Department of Transportation and their Department of Agriculture has guidelines for flying with pets within the USA so to keep our babies safe, we need to abide by them!

Stress reduction for both parties
Moreover, we care about your well-being, and the additional stress and heightened anxiety of traveling while constantly wondering about your four-legged friend isn’t the ideal situation. When you travel with your favorite companion, you are scientifically proven to be more content and relaxed. Consequently, you have more In addition, if your pal suffers from separation anxiety or motion sickness, your presence can calm them down while allowing you to relax with peace of mind.

Simply put, flying private provides benefits to all members of the family.

Live the LIVT Life and enjoy the vacation with the whole family.
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