Guide for First Time Private Fliers

Flying private allows you to decide almost everything about your flight. Such a luxury but can be intimidating for first-timers. We know how overwhelming flying private can be. It can be so nerve-wracking trying to plan and book your private jet charter. Let’s get into it!

There is a large selection of aircrafts that you can choose from. Choosing a plane/jet is like choosing a car. Some prefer or need a car that is family friendly, fast and efficient. Others are okay with anything. Choosing an aircraft is difficult but not impossible.

Some features to consider while choosing a plane is the distance you’re flying, amount of luggage, passengers and departure locations. These are essential because it would affect how comfortable your flight will be. If you know you will be bringing a lot of luggage, you would enjoy your trip more if you had more room!

It also depends on your private jet membership. Some chartered private airlines have specific planes they provide or fly. This limits your options which makes it a bit easier to navigate. Although, it is less overwhelming. It is important to discuss your trip details with a charter company’s associate so you can get the best plane for you.

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When people fly private, they typically pack light. But that is up to your discretion. Maybe you want more outfits for your vacation in California? Every trip is different and we understand that. That’s why at LIVT we provide security for your luggage so you don’t have to worry a little thing about it! We take great care of your luggage to ensure nothing is damage or lost.

There are many benefits you should consider. You can also carry as many liquids and toiletries on board. Even a bottle of wine! That is something to look forward to, right?

But what’s even better is, you can bring your pets aboard. The pets can roam around the aircraft and play with you. So you can fly with a peace of mind, knowing your pet(s) are safe and happy.

Oh and don’t forget your ID and passport! I almost forget to include that.

What is an FBO? An FBO is a Fixed Base Operator or commonly known as a terminal for private aviation. It can be a separate terminal connected to a large airport or another location.

When you book your flight, you will be given a list of FBOs that you can depart from. These will vary between the charter company you use.

If you’re interested in learning more about FBOs, check out our other blogs.

Private flying is quite different from commercial flights. When you land after a commercial flight, you have to go through security and all around the airport to exit. You’re already so exhausted from your flight and now you have to walk around a maze to leave. Terrible!

For private flights, once you land your pickup vehicle can pick you up right there. So you can travel quickly and efficiently instead of wasting time finding the exit.

You deserve that vacation so lets start it as soon as possible!

Now that you have the guide for private flying, why not take a shot at it? Check out our best-value memberships and amazing flights on our page.

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