How Clean is the Cabin Air on a Private Aircraft?

There has always been a myth that the cabin air on an aircraft is filthy and unhealthy. Many have said that breathing “airplane air” caused them to catch a cough or get sick in general. Especially after COVID-19, people are more concerned with airborne diseases now than ever before.

Let’s solve this myth and see whether it is true or not!

How Does One Maintain Air Quality?

Private aircrafts maintain their high quality of cabin air through their air systems. These aircrafts typically use two types of systems: one being 100% fresh air systems or recirculated air systems. Both systems are equally clean and as efficient. Now, lets break these systems down!

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Air quality in a private jet charter is much cleaner as it is regularly controlled.

100% Fresh Air Systems

This system is the more common one among the two systems. Utilising this system allows air to run through the engines continuously, through the engine the air is being compressed and sterilized before entering the cabin area. Vents and values replace cabin air every 2 minutes to ensure the air is fresh and clean for your lungs!

As air is being circulated so frequently, it minimises the spread of viruses, bacteria and airborne diseases!

Recirculated Air Systems

The recirculated air system is very similar to a car’s air conditioning system where some of the air in the cabin is being circulated. This provides better humidity and temperature levels.

These air systems uses HEPA filters to trap bacteria, viruses and particles into it so it does not circulate into the air. HEPA filters capture 99.97% of contaminants at 0.3 microns. HEPA filters are also used in hospital and sterile environments. It is super effective and safe!

Is Air in a Private Jet Cleaner than on an Airline Flight?

Most airlines use the recirculated air systems although they are not as sterile in comparison to private aircrafts. As private aircrafts are smaller and have less passengers, the air is easily filters/circulated more often than airlines.

Regardless, of how clean the air cabin is, there is always a risk of exposure to viruses and diseases due to the close proximity to people (especially in airplanes). The large volume of people and aircraft size makes it difficult to sanitize every section or object in airline planes. Airlines typically transmit viruses through touch (for example, touching the monitor that someone sneezed on from the prior flight).

Private aircrafts have reduced touchpoints as you are typically flying with your friends and families! Using a private terminal too can reduces the chances of transmitting a disease.


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At LIVT, we ensure our clients that we sanitize the aircrafts thoroughly before and after each flight. We value your health and safety and therefore take extra precautions to reduce touchpoints.

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