How Will You Travel Post COVID - 19

Trying to beat the chaos of commercial flights

Fly Private. Hence, Fly Private. Thus, Fly Private. So, Fly Private. Therefore, Fly Private. However, Fly Private. You Should Fly Private. It is good to Fly Private. Do not Fly Private. You Should Fly Private. Always Fly Private. Just Fly Private.

Imagine post COVID-19 you are going on a family vacation to Crested Butte, Co where you and your family will enjoy a week away in the mountains, skiing and celebrating the holidays, along with the New Year.

You are set to leave the day after Christmas and your flight leaves at 7:00am. You’re flying commercial which means you need to be at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of the flight. Meaning you need to be at the airport at 5:00am, awake no later than 3:30am so you can get the walking moaning zombies (your half a sleep kids) organized and out the door on time!

early morning alarm clock to go to colorado

Once you’re out the door, herding the cats into the car is easier said than done, strollers, “mom did you get my favorite stuffed animal? Where is my Ipad? Mom I’m hungry. Mom I’m tired it’s too early.” Then 15 minutes later, they are sleeping, you get to enjoy some peace and quiet. Although the peace and quiet for you & your husband is nice, you know you also get the lovely pleasure of waking them up again.  Finally, you have arrived at the airport to one of those park and fly lots.

sleeping kids in car

Once you find you a spot, you wake the zombies, who are now more pleasing then the first time you woke them... yeah right! Now you and your husband have the pleasure of organizing your gear and supplies while corralling the cats to start the never-ending march of death to the airplane and eventually your destination.

mom and child walking through parking lot to go to colorado

Now begins the hurry to wait, part of the march of death!

Hurry to the pickup location at the park & fly lot to only wait for a grumpy shuttle driver to eagerly help with your gear, supplies, and hissing cats and moaning chomping zombies...Your kids, You love them, right? But who says you have to like them all the time?

Continue social distancing in the skies:

You are one step closer to finishing the march of death. Now you’re on the luxurious shuttle to the airport, with more people who are so happy to be up at the crack of dawn. The person sitting in front of you looks as if they are from one of those cough and cold commercials, sneezing, coughing, runny nose and by the looks of it, should literally still be in bed or maybe even in a hospital. Post COVID 19 will you subject you and your family to this situation?

You finally arrive to the airport. You unload your kids who are now waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Of course, the temper tantrum issues arise over who gets to push the luggage cart!!! Thank goodness you did the early bird check-in, checking bags should be a breeze, you’re a pro!!!

However, you did not sacrifice a lamb the night before to the airport gods, so of course the airline had a system crash the night before. Leaving you to the mercy of the airport gods and hell as we know it here on earth, what you like to call "Beautiful Chaos"; angry half a sleep people, dragging their feet, stacked in lines around the corner just to check bags and get a boarding pass. Do You really have to be here?

queues on commercial flights

After it feels like an eternity has passed, you have checked your luggage. Your kids have now entered the next phase of the march of death, “ The Screaming, hissing and hungry zombies Phase, beware!!!.

"Thankfully it is early in the morning" you say and the security line, what you like to call the strip show line is not that long. Off come the shoes, the belt, the laptop out of the bag and your child is having a fit because their teddy bear has to go through the x-ray machine and they think it’s going to die a slow and painful death. The security guard waves you through to the other side and your child is reunited with their teddy bear and life is good once again.

tsa security at airport opt

You find where your plane boards and now you wait until your boarding number is called, however you have small children so you will be first on, "Yes something Positive!!!" The kids are full tilt asking questions, needing a snack and your significant other is on the hunt for coffee. Time to board the plane… You are feeling pretty good because you are the first ones on the plane however it is a blessing in disguise. While getting seated, the fight begins between your kids about who sits next to the window. Usually You are too busy unloading: gaming consoles, snacks, drinks, coloring books, crayons, and whatever else they may need throughout the flight. But now you are worrying are the seats sanitized, is the it safe to spend almost 3 hours sharing the same recirculated air with over 150 other people? Then it happens, the elusive “I HAVE TO PEE” you try and tell your little one that people are coming on the plane and can they hold it. No, they have to pee, ok so you fight your way to the back of the plane and squeeze into the bathroom and again is it sanitized, is is it safe? Finally after sanitizing the bathroom, your kiddo, and yourself, you then fight your way back up and you see your significant other cramming the bags in the over head compartment. Thank goodness they are avid Tetris players!

women putting luggage in overhead bin on a flight to colorado

Finally taking off and relaxing for a minute, people are walking back and forth bumping you in the elbow, the drink cart hits your knee and the little kid behind, who’s not yours, keeps kicking the seat. During the flight, you focus is brought to how people are coughing, sneezing, and sharing germs in the recycled air of the cockpit… Finally, you land and the mad rush to the door happens. Everyone is so focused on getting their stuff out as quick as possible and make it to the door, which is not even open yet. While getting off the plane, your one daughter is asleep in your arms, so you are down a hand for luggage, and now you have to run to your connecting flight and do the flying process all over again… You finally arrive in Denver, Co and do the unloading process all over again and try and find the rental car company. They tell you that all of the car you had reserved is no longer available and only a select few are left. At that precise moment, you decide to take which ever car is available just to start the 5 hour drive to Crested Butte, Co. You pray to God and ask him to help you get through these next few hours and still be sane, joined with bringing good weather because you now have a 2 wheel drive car and you are not accustom to driving in snow, ice, or mountain conditions. This shall be entertaining…..

Living LIVT Experience (Flying Private meets Practicality)

Now imagine this happening a different way, The LIVT Way, Post COVID - 19. You are going on the same family vacation with the same flight time of 7:00 am, however you can sleep in until just before 5. Your kids are up at this time anyways, so they are ready to go and excited. Get everyone in the car stop, for a snack and coffee. When you arrive at the airport you drive to the gate, press the intercom and tell them your aircraft Tail Number. They then say,” Ok, we are buzzing you in, please drive up to your plane.” Then you drive to your plane and pull up next to it. Your pilots and the line guys greet you as your getting out of the car. They ask which bags are going where and tell you don’t worry about it, we will load up all the baggage and park your car for you. All while your still getting your sweet loving adorable kids out of the car. The Captain quickly briefs you and tells you that they should be ready to go in 15 minutes, the weather is good and there should be no issues. He also then tells you there is bathrooms, snacks, waters and such along with a luxurious sitting area inside the FBO. You go into the FBO to use the restroom and its peaceful with no lines or frantic people running to catch their flights. The Airplane is clean and sanitized, the FBO has only a few people in it, with ample space for safety...

tesla and pilatus pc 12 hand in hand with livt

The Captain and first officer come in after the luggage is loaded, again the brief you on the conditions, check weather one more, then tell you we are good to go. The FBO drives you and the crew out to the airplane in a golf cart, like you could not walk or something. Who knew? Then you board the plane, there is no fighting on who gets the window seat as every one gets a window and aisle seat. Cool!!! You get a snack for the kids and you do not have to worry about getting everything out of their back packs to entertain them because you can get it anytime. You grab a snack and a beverage the pilot gives you another quick required bla bla FAA briefing. Your Sharing Recycled Air with your family and the pilots only....

family sitting in pilatus pc 12 going to colorado

Continue social distancing in the skies

Within 15 minutes of arriving at the airport, you are Airborne, You have officially began Your next adventure. The flight is peaceful, yes in the Pilatus PC-12 you are going slower then an airline, but you are flying direct to Gunnison, Co not direct to Denver, CO where you will have to drive for 5 hours to get to Crested Butte, CO. While you not only Love your kids, You actually still like them too! All of this without getting sneezed or coughed on, without touching 100 un-sanitized surfaces with people who are sick with god knows what!!!

Before landing, 20 minutes out, , the First Officer calls the FBO in Gunnision, Co and tells them please have your car pulled out to the airplane when they land. Upon landing, you get a little light turbulence, just because you are in the mountains now and it is always there. Landing is like butter or sitting on a soft cloud, wow this is different.

Within a few minutes of landing, the engine is winding down, the co-pilot tells you, You have arrived in Gunnision, CO and he opens the door. You and the kiddos fall out of the airplane to breath the fresh, clean, dry, cold mountain air where the sunshine hits you to warm your body and mind up.

colorado mountains livt opt

The lines guys at the Gunnison FBO pull your car up and start unloading your bags for you before you even get out of the aircraft, while you and the kiddos are still taking in the breathtaking enviroment. The pilot reminds you that there is snacks, water to go, and bathrooms all for free with no lines in the FBO. You, the kiddos, and your husband shuffle into the FBO. 15 minutes after landing, you are pulling out of the airport, driving to Crested Butte, Co only 30-45 minutes away. You, your husband, and your lovely kiddos are smiling, happy, and at peace….

fun in the snow with livt opt

Within an hour or two of landing, you are now at the bottom of the mountain in an almost surreal surrounding getting ready to head up the lift for an afternoon of skiing and views, you could not have even dreamed up.  Your surroundings place you in state of mind of peace, Joy, and appreciation for life and every moment given to you, especially this moment.  Without LIVT, you would still be fighting getting to Your Destination, using your limited Time on this earth to deal with headaches and possibly jeopardizing you & your families health.

Living the LIVT Life and flying Private is not perfect, there are still issues like weather, FAA Regulations, Acts of God, and more one still has to deal with. Money cannot buy everything, there are still limitations even when flying private.  However, the worry of the day Living the LIVT Life, is far less stressful then flying commercial.  The Question is How will You Decide to LIVE Your Life & Travel Post COVID - 19?

When we talk about Living the LIVT Life, is not just about flying private, it is about making your health & time on this earth more important then the money in your pocket. This lifestyle is about living life for the experience, not the material things you can accumulate.  It is about making better use of your time on this earth for better health joy, happiness, growth, family, loved ones and helping others more then you help yourself. Because no matter our wealth or stature in life, we all are equal, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  This Uncomfortable topic is what we will be leaning into with Living the LIVT Life Blog continuously and how you can better use your time for what is important to You.  We are looking forward to the ride and wherever the journey will take us ……….

Suddenly you snap out of it, ma’m watch the Lift, within seconds You the lift thrust under you and you are now sitting on the lift heading up the mountain in awwh. The Adventure has started, you have arrived …….

-Tristan Ferrari

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