On The Ground​

LIVT’s mission is On The Ground​ to give our members more Time by flying private. What this means to you, is LIVT provides a solution that see’s our members do not waste time waiting in airports. Because of our best of class aircraft, our members gain access to more airports which can get them closer to their destination, while carrying more for less, and allowing our members to spend their time as they desire, not as an airline demands.

The NGX cabin is markedly improved from that of its predecessor. To be sure, it retains the split personality (able to handle cargo and/or passengers) and big aft door that so identify the Pilatus brand. But the new leather seats are taller and narrower, can fully recline, and all have quick-release attach points for turning seating areas into cargo storage; before, only the last two seats were quick release. Thanks to a redesigned seat base there’s one inch more headroom, and gone are the old-style storage drawers that opened into the aisle. Other nice touches include downwash lighting, USB and AC charging outlets, an air conditioning system that puts out more volume of air at less velocity, optional footrests, and—yes—bigger cup holders. Seems the old ones were a tight fit.

LIVT innovates tirelessly to give you "Your Life Back One Hour At A Time" without taking your hard-earned success. Therefore, when you join LIVT, you gain access to 'The Quintess Collection' at the LIVT member rate.

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