Pilatus PC-12: The Suburban of the Sky

Taking its name from Mount Pilatus in the Swiss Alps, Pilatus Aircraft manufactures single-engine turboprop and twin-engine jet aircraft.
Based in Stans, Switzerland, in the beginning, Pilatus gave maintenance and performed repair work for the Swiss Air Force.

During the 1990s, Pilatus opened up a broader civilian market with the introduction of the PC-12, a single-engine turboprop aircraft.

Let’s talk about the incredible Pilatus PC-12, or what many call the Suburban in the Sky. This six to nine-seat turboprop manufactured in Switzerland is comparable to the King Air 350 twin-engine in many major categories. The PC-12 can combine passenger seating and cargo delivery, as evidenced by its spacious interior and extra-wide cargo bay door.

With hundreds of PC12s certified in the United States today, this efficient and versatile aircraft has become the most popular turboprop for private air charter over the last decade. Thanks to its spacious cabin and quiet flying experience, the Pilatus PC-12 is ideal for short trips.

The PC 12’s cabin has as many configurations as the customer needs. For in-flight business, up to eight executive seats can be arranged in a double-club configuration or rearranged for private rest. Fitted cabinets and tables are available in the cabin.

All these combinations are possible, thanks to the available anchor points and cargo nets of the combi-conversion kit used if passengers need fewer seats and more space for cargo or luggage. During the flight, you can easily access the baggage compartment.

The extra-large cargo door allows for quick loading and unloading of large luggage, including golf clubs, skis, or wheelchairs. This feature is another proof of the PC-12’S incredible versatility.
The cabin is not the only dynamic aspect of this aircraft. The PC-12 is certified for single-pilot operation and flight in known icy conditions, and it can use grass and unfinished runways of varying lengths.

The PC 12 has a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67B turboprop engine. Pilatus recently released an updated PC-12. The NG (Next Generation) has an even more powerful Pratt & Whitney PT6-67P engine. It gives the NG a faster maximum cruise speed and better climb performance. Improved Honeywell Primus Apex integrated avionics, an automatic cabin pressure control system, and a dual-zone temperature control system are among the other PC-12/NG upgrades.

LIVT takes advantage of the Pilatus PC-12 by offering its members access to an extraordinarily safe and secure fleet of private aircraft. We’ve operated more than 9000 hours across our fleet of Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12 to strike the right balance between safety and accessibility.

LIVT aims to deliver an inspiring and always challenging service to our members that fit their lifestyle while constantly exceeding their expectations. LIVT Memberships’ mission is to meet the needs of your time and lifestyle. We fly the Pilatus PC-12 as our exclusive aircraft for your private flights.

Board one of our Pilatus PC12 and live the unique experience of flying private with LIVT.


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