Private Aviation Etiquette

Dress Code

Surrounded by luxury, you may often feel the pressure to dress nice. But the truth is, flights should be relaxing! After all, you are literally taking a break from the rest of the world. Having said that, we recommend you use it as a time to take off your shoes and hop into those comfy sweats. Maximize your time in the sky and use those comfortable seats to catch a nice snooze. Don’t worry, we’ll wake you up when we land. However, as much as we recommend this, we can’t dismiss the potential meetings, or dinner dates that await. Depending on your who you are and what you do, those sweats may hinder your ability to make deals! Only kidding! But, with that said, our versatile aircrafts allow for both an executive meetings, a romantic beginning to a honeymoon and a relaxing nap.


When booking a flight, it’s always best to do it as soon as possible, typically, we recommend you do it a month or couple of weeks in advance. Nevertheless, we recognize that with a hectic schedule, hat may not be possible. With our Black Card, you can fly anytime, anywhere. Your money, your time, your decisions. We’re always ready for LIVT off.

Remember when you were a kid and you rushed to grab the best seat? Whether it was on a roller coaster, a commercial airplane, the bus or your mother’s car, we always crave the best seat.  Unlike commercial airlines where you have to find your row and seat number, flying private means all the seats –with exception to the pilot’s of course– are yours! 

Travel Documentation

Okay, okay there are some serious components to this. you do need all of your travel documents. The safest option is to bring your passport, just as you would on a regular flight. But, if you’re not leaving the country, a valid driver’s license should suffice. Travel documentation may be asked if you are re-entering America or traveling outside. For example, when entering America From Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative covers travel by land, sea, or air from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda:  American citizens entering the U.S. must show a valid passport, U.S. passport card, a Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST), or an enhanced driver’s license. Lawful permanent residents of the U.S. need to show a Permanent Resident Card (Green card) and Citizens of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda can find the necessary travel documents from the Department of Homeland Security under “land and sea entry.”

Arrival From Other Countries
All travelers entering the United States from all other countries need a passport upon arrival (regardless of their country of citizenship) and permanent residents and foreign nationals may also need a U.S. visa.


Saving the best for last, alcohol! because who doesn’t love a glass? Many people like to bring a bottle to say thank you and maybe a little something to drink amidst the clouds. If you would like to bring alcohol on board, let the crew know so they are able to store it accordingly. If there’s any thing better than a glass of alcohol, it’s a chilled glass of alcohol.

Drinking in a nice environment is always a fun time, but it’s important to consume responsibly. If you plan on drinking please ensure that you have organized a ride to your destination and have someone to monitor you. 

At the end of the day, it’s YOUR membership! You get to do what you want when you want, how you want.


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