The Smartest and Most Versatile Private Jet - Pilatus PC-12

The private jet charter is all about providing a smarter lifestyle and an amazing life experience. Comfort and safety are its trademarks. It has proven itself as a world class versatile and valuable business aircraft. This turboprop aircraft has been a fan favorite since it was first introduced back in 1991 by Swiss manufacturer Pilatus. In terms of refinement, efficiency, and technological advances, the LIVT’s Suburban PC-12 is at the forefront of technological development.

Is a Pilatus PC-12 a jet?

Advanced Has Never Been so Simple. Only the PC-12 NGX offers the advanced avionics of high-end business jets tailored for the single pilot.
Versatility is a key quality in LIVT’s PC-12  which allows it to be landed on grass runways and very short strips.

The aircraft has an unmatched long distance and high-altitude capability. The cabin is designed for the ultimate level of comfort. Passenger experience is enhanced by PC-12’s versatile windows, introducing the best views with the natural light. The cabin is abundant in its space, seating up to nine passengers, larger than the cabins of competitive twin turboprops. The seats can be adjusted to cater to your comfort level. The aircraft provides high speed travel, low fuel consumption rates, and minimal noise emissions, the perfect choice for LIVT’s private aviation members. One of LIVT’s most unique amenities of the private jet charter membership is the opportunity to board family members and pets without any additional cost.

Business doesn’t have to be put on hold when traveling. LIVT features comfortable air-conditioned cabins, leather seating, and writing tables for our business travel membership holders, giving you an exclusive office space, even in the air.

Regional Aviation: LIVT’s Pilatus PC-12 Experience

With our Pilatus PC-12, LIVT is transforming regional aviation by bringing affordable options to the private aviation industry. We are adding comfort, quality, efficiency, and time savings to the list of benefits we offer to our members on the world’s most popular single-engine business aircraft.

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