Traveling in Trying Times

Traveling in Trying Times

These latest travel restrictions have resulted in commercial airlines cutting many routes over the coming weeks – in addition to their already-reduced schedules. So private aviation is filling the gaps for many travellers who cannot fly commercially, in addition to those who want to avoid airline travel. With America’s travel ban continuously being rescinded and reinstated, it may be hard to keep up with what has been going on.

In his first week in office, President Joe Biden has reimposed a host of COVID-19 travel restrictions, while also repealing Donald Trump's discriminatory Muslim ban. The actions mean the US will now start allowing visitors from predominantly Muslim and African countries who were previously restricted from entering the US under Trump. At the same time, Biden is extending coronavirus-related travel restrictions for most travelers from Europe, the UK, Ireland, and Brazil, while also adding South Africa to the list.

Starting on Jan. 30, Biden's presidential proclamation bans entry for most non-US citizens who have recently been to South Africa, where a new COVID-19 variant has been identified. Biden also maintained the travel restrictions that were previously in place for most of Europe and Brazil last year, but that Trump had tried to rescind two days before leaving office. Trump had signed a proclamation that would lift the coronavirus-related travel restrictions from those countries starting Tuesday, deeming them unnecessary once all passengers were required to present a negative COVID-19 test before flying.

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Many people want or need to move around over this period, and airports and borders are still open. Flights for business reasons are still permitted, as are repatriation flights for clients returning to their own country of residence, or who are flying for medical or other essential reasons. First-time customers to private aviation, for example, swelled by 300 percent year over year, with thousands of people flying privately for personal travel for the first time—a silver lining considering corporate travel by private jet declined by 80 percent during the same period.

Travel over the last year has been a highly debated topic, with everyone in a frenzy over COVID-19, it’s easy to understand why. Staying safe and in your bubble is arguably one of the most effective methods. By flying private, you fly with extra measures that embrace the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Simply put, you stay safe and have a sound mind.

With no ban on domestic flights, many individuals opt for private flights to and from their specified location. So if you were looking to travel this year, travel safe and fly private.

LIVT offers our Members access to a unique set of extremely safe, private aircraft; what we call best of class aircraft; at a transparent, inclusive cost to meet our members’ regional travel needs whether for business or pleasure. LIVT offers you the safety and convenience to fly to most of your preferred destinations without the high cost of jet travel yet sacrificing none of the luxuries. Fly on your schedule, depart and arrive at airports closest to you, no security lines, no layovers, no indirect flights, and no sitting next to strangers! LIVT was created to make your time our 1st Priority, so you can focus on your business! We understand you have worked hard for your success & that your time is valuable.

Amidst challenging times, prioritize safety and peace of mind with private jet flights las vegas. LIVT offers exclusive access to luxurious aircraft, ensuring a secure and comfortable journey. Skip the crowds and travel with confidence, knowing your well-being is our top priority. Experience seamless travel even in trying times with LIVT’s private jet flights.

In addition to our existing clients and business travellers, we’re continuing to see increased demand from first time private jet users including families, and those with existing health conditions that make them especially vulnerable. Find out more about LIVT’s COVID-19 Action Plan.

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