What LIVT Stands For and How We Work

What LIVT Stands For and How We Work

LIVT is merely a name but an acronym to depict what our brand stands for. LIVT was created under the impression that life was made for experiences, a compilation of vivid experiences that illustrate the very essence of life. The foundation of LIVT is within its name and where LIVT equals LIFE. 

L is for Lifestyle

LIVT was created with a lifestyle in mind, one of ease, comfortability, efficiency and luxury. 

With on-demand service for you and your family at all times and the ability to travel anywhere at any time. Besides utilizing one of the safest and most efficient aircraft in the industry today, LIVT’s Team of experienced personnel are dedicated to customer service every single step of the way.  From each and every email, every telephone call to ensuring your aircraft and crew are everything you expect and more; LIVT is dedicated to you and your family’s needs.  LIVT offers you the safety and speed to fly to most of your preferred destinations without the high cost of Jet Travel yet sacrificing none of the luxuries.  Additionally, with the Pilatus PC-12, we are able to get into many more airports than a Jet thus getting you closer to your destination sooner to enjoy more of what is important to you.  LIVT’s experienced team is able to discuss with you your individual needs and ensure each flight caters to you.

I is for Innovation

The booming tech industry is a testament to the success of innovation. Americans know that if their ideas aren’t being pursued properly by their bosses, they can take their skills, experience, and creativity into their own hands and start their own company. How does this benefit you, though?

Innovation brings consumers new products and ways of doing things, helping speed progress along. Innovations like rideshare programs, fitness apps, personal computers, and 2-day free shipping delivery have transformed the lives of many in the last 20 years. None of those things would have been possible without the entrepreneurial spirit of the small business owner. Airlines do the same, LIVT is a small business private aviation company that gives their members designated lifestyle experience coordinators that essentially tailor your flight to your liking while building a business model and membership program that tends to your travel needs.

Innovation is our muse. Whether that be innovation within our customers or our own. LIVT innovates tirelessly to “give you your life back, one hour at a time” without taking your hard-earned success. With a business model that allows you to pay ONLY while you’re in the air and at an all-time, transparent industry low price. we shift our focus onto our members by giving them the adequate price, space, and efficiency to increase their productivity and innovation.

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Curious about the Business Jet Memberships?

V is for Vision

Vision, what does that mean? It means that we designed this with purpose. Imagine driving your vehicle up to the aircraft, casually loading your bags into the airplane, and getting yourself and your family situated in the aircraft. Fifteen minutes later, your next journey has begun, and You are airborne & on your way to Your destination. Flying private gives you freedom, choice, & your time back! We created an efficient system so you are able to comfortably travel with all your specifications. Having said that, with a LIVT Membership, you are assigned a personal lifestyle experience coordinator that are committed to learning and knowing all your travel specifications. 

Stuff news reported that companies have spent 8k an hour commuting to business meetings via private jets. In some cases, larger firms know they have top of mind awareness and a reputation that sways individuals to opt for their service. But small private aviation businesses are reliant on your membership meaning they cater to your needs and ensure they are doing their best to meet them. LIVT offers low-cost membership options as little as $2K an hour for a 9 seat aircraft. In addition, you are given a lifestyle experience coordinator that personalize your travel experience. 

Another benefit is accessibility, The PC-12 has the capability to land on multi-terrain and shorter runways (as short as 2500 ft.), unlike other small and mid-sized jets which require at least 1500 ft. more if not 2500 ft. more. This advantage alone gives LIVT’s Members Access to over 2000 more airports in the Domestic US. LIVT’s Suburban in the Sky PC-12 can do this while easily carrying 8-9 passengers, with baggage. The Pilatus PC12 can do this while getting You closer to your destination, faster.

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T is for Time

Lastly, T is for Time. Your time is valuable and at LIVT we understand that. Whether it is scheduling the flight, arriving, departure or anything in between, we know that time is of the essence. Not only do we only expect you to come within 5 minutes before LIVT off but we can get you in the air within 15 minutes. Branching from one of our favorite phrases: “Spend more time in your destination, not getting there” we vowed to make every part of our process as efficient as possible. Traveling with any form of aviation is known to be the quickest form of traveling so we don’t have to get too much into that. 

To start, there are several ways to request a flight with LIVT, so you don’t need to follow a specific process. You may either email reservations@livt.life your request  (be sure to cc your LSEC at: jlapierre@livt.life), call your LSEC at 832-797-9526 or call Reservations directly at 844-548-5488, ext. 5.

No matter which way you initiate a trip request, you will always receive an email confirmation of this request to ensure all is as you requested.  After the initial email confirming your request was received, your LIVT team will check schedule availability as well as all logistics surrounding your request (weather, events, aircraft/crew availability, and much more) before sending you back a tentative itinerary to review.  You can expect a second emailed itinerary stating your trip is confirmed then a final “confirmed trip” itinerary email on the eve of your departure with all of the airplane specifics (the aircraft registry and crew names).  The “confirmed itinerary” will be emailed out on the eve of every leg of your trip. LIVT will always call you if there are any changes or delays within 48-hours of your scheduled departure time.  In the case of any changes from you, you can expect the same email pattern for all itineraries for your trips.

How We Operate What is a Membership Card?

Private aviation membership programs include several benefits that are typically billed additionally when chartering flights on a one-off basis. These benefits may include but are not limited to preset safety standards and various inclusions, such as deicing, catering, and Wi-Fi. Service recovery guarantees from jet card programs offer replacement flights at their own expense in the case that an operator must cancel a flight, whereas one-off flights that are rescheduled may increase in price and the customer is responsible for paying the difference.


LIVT Memberships are pretty easy to understand and navigate but if you still need clarification, we’re always a call away. You can reach us at 1-855- 548- 5488 or e-mail us at members@livt.life. Our core value is about saving you time so let’s not waste it by giving you insane options. 

For starters, we have a total of 4 different membership card programs, 2 for personal travel, and 2 for your business. 4 may seem excessive at first but, we recognize that all of our members are different and thus need different things. Each card is outfitted for your lifestyle and travel needs! Okay so here’s a quick rundown!


Personal Travel

Under personal travel, we have 2 cards, the White Card Membership, and the Blue Membership. Our “Pay as you go” White Card allows members to fly on a transparent hourly rate with an annual membership that gives you access to our fleet. This rate includes standard charges and standard reposition within your chosen service area, so you can enjoy the journey and not stress over the



Our Blue Card gives you the “Best bang for your buck” this membership includes standard charges and standard reposition within your one chosen service area. Blue Card Members also gain access to all Holiday flying dates, along with LIVT Empty Legs at 50% of the Cost! Each Blue Card Member is assigned a Lifestyle Experience Coordinator who is dedicated to You and Your Flight Missions.


For Your Business

We can all agree that there’s a pretty big difference between your personal and business lifestyle. Through our business funnel, we offer a Platinum Membership Card and a Black Card Membership.

The Platinum Card was made because we believe “Your lifestyle requires more” Our Platinum Card Fee includes standard charges and standard reposition within your two adjoined chosen service areas. Platinum Card Members also gain access to all Holiday flying dates, along with LIVT Empty Legs at only 25% of the cost! Each Platinum Card Member is assigned a Lifestyle Experience Coordinator who is dedicated to You and Your Flight Missions. Yes, you read that right, a dedicated Lifestyle Experience Coordinator all for you! We understand that you have no time to waste giving someone detailed instructions EVERY time, we designate one person to manage your account to the best of their abilities. Your Experience Coordinator lets you fly the way you want when you want. 


Ooo a Black Card! This goes without saying, the Black Card lets you “Fly anytime, anywhere”. The card fee includes standard charges and standard reposition within your three adjoined chosen service areas. Black Card Members also gain access to all Holiday flying dates, along with LIVT Empty Legs at no cost! Each Black Card Member is assigned a Life-Style Experience Coordinator who is dedicated to You and Your Flight Missions.


Primary Service Area

Don’t let this confuse you LIVT lets you travel internationally at any time BUT we do offer the primary service area to all our white card members. LIVT’s primary service area encompasses, with the exclusion of Cuba, the four 800 nautical mile service area as seen below in the shaded areas. Loyalty Card members will be able to fly at a standard rate to any destination within these service areas they choose that is appropriate to the Membership they join. Additionally, we service all other areas for an out of service area charge. Other international fees & scheduling considerations apply for flights outside of the United States.

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