Why Are Airplanes White?

Have you ever wondered why all planes are white? You probably thought the colour was for aesthetic purposes. We can all agree that the simple white paint is a very sleek and class look for a plane. Although, there is a more scientific explanation. Todays, we will be going through seven reasons why the planes are white. Let’s get started!

Thermal Advantage
As the plane is flying at high altitudes, more sun rays are directed and absorbed. The white paint is used to reflect the light off the plane to decrease the temperature of the cabin.

Blank Canvas
From an airplane manufacturer, perspective, having all the planes painted white makes its easier to sell. It allows the companies or airlines who inquire the planes to easily paint the tail to their desire. It is both efficient and effective from both the manufacturer and airlines.

Resale and Charter Value
To add upon the last point, the blank canvas makes it easier for other companies to resell their planes. When airlines inquire other used planes, it makes it easier for them to repaint a section of the plane, specifically the tail than to repaint the whole plane itself. 

The paint used for aircrafts can fade throughout time especially the coloured paints. White paint doesn’t fade whereas colours do. Most companies prefer the white paint as it doesn’t need to be repainted often, whereas coloured paint does. It is more costly long term for the airlines.

Inspection Purposes
Have you ever seen a scratch or mark on a white desk? It’s noticeable and irritating, right? This the reason why the white paint is being used. As these aircrafts carry and fly people on them, after every flight the plane must be inspected for any damages. Some of the damages include scratches, dents and etc. Similarly, as damages are so visible on a white canvas, it allows them to carefully inspect the aircrafts quickly and efficiently.

Flying Aesthetics
Seeing a plane fly through the sky is so mesmerizing. Everyone shifts their attention to it, maybe because of its size but most likely its colour. Ever noticed hoe easy it is to spot a plane in the sky? The planes stick outside of the sky like a sore thumb. The colour allows the planes to be seen in the morning and night sky whereas military planes are darker colours. As military planes are commonly flown in the night sky, darker colours allow them to fly unseen.

Airplanes are typically painted white to reflect sunlight, reducing heat buildup and protecting the aircraft from solar radiation. This also makes it easier to spot cracks and dents during inspections. With a Pilatus PC-12 jet card, you can enjoy the benefits of flying in a well-maintained, efficient aircraft designed for both comfort and safety.

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Cheaper Prices
As white paint is extremely popular in the industry, there has advancements to decrease the price of production. The innovation of technology has allowed paint to be manufactured at high volumes for a much lower cost.

Traditional Prices
Traditionally, planes have always been white. It has become a standard in the aviation industry. To see a blue aircraft in the sky, it seems a bit weird or out of the ordinary. Coloured planes don’t seem as appealing as they are perceived as less luxurious.

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And that’s why aircrafts are painted white. It’s a super long explanation but we hope it was very educational! Till next time, see you soon.

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