“Why LIVT flies the Pilatus PC-12"

LIVT fly Pilatus PC-12

Today we want to break down the Pilatus PC-12 or what we like to call, the Suburban in the Sky!! I could go into all of the boring details of the aircraft and numb your mind with aviation lingo to show you just how intelligent I am, but instead lets keep it real and talk about what really matters… You & Your family’s safety and time. This is what I will be focusing on and how the Pilatus PC-12 can meet your demands during and post COVID-19. Let’s dive in to see if I can keep it simple and remember we are going to keep it light, yet transparent and real…

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What is the Pilatus PC12?

To begin, the Pilatus PC-12 is a single engine turboprop jet that can carry up to 9 passengers and 1 pilot, what we like to call the suburban in the sky!

Now don’t immediately swipe left because you’re afraid of the term turboprop, this only means it is a jet engine that has a propeller. It does not make it less safe than other jets, it actually gives it an advantage above other jets, something we get into the nitty gritty on later. The next thing to not be afraid of is the term, “Single Engine,” this again is an advantage over other dual engine aircraft.

The airplane has been manufactured for over 25 years and Pilatus (a Swiss company) has been building aircraft for more than 75 years, mainly military trainers for multiple countries. Hence, the company is an expert on this topic plus you know what they say about the Swiss and their capabilities on engineering.

The aircraft is not only used to move people but because of its versatility, it is used by the US Airforce, law enforcement, remote area operations in Alaska, Australia, and many other utilization’s. But what all this really mean to you?; it builds a base for the aircraft on its reliability, flexibility, and versatility making it easier to understand what’s below.

How are we keeping members safe?

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LIVT fly Pilatus PC-12

Why the Pilatus PC12?

Now, you’re likely asking why the Pilatus PC-12 and not something sexier, like a Gulfstream V? First, Gulfstream is not practical for normal flying, it’s either for the Intensely super wealthy or large multi billion-dollar global companies. This is not for the average Joe who has been successful in his business or career and can afford to fly private, this average Joe cannot afford or should not afford a Gulfstream, nor does his missions/trips fit the role of the Gulfstream. It would be like cutting a piece of steak with a chain saw. It gets the job done but over the top and not the most efficient.

The PC-12 is your Suburban in the sky, it is the airplane that you can load the family in plus your kiddos, friends, fly from Houston to California with a fair amount of luggage and gear, without breaking the bank. It’s an airplane that makes sense to take 1-day business trips on, so you save 3 days worth of traveling. Especially during these hectic times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it keeps you out of the commercial airports, the long lines, sharing recirculated air with more than 150 people, saving you from the coughing, sneezing, and simply unhealthy environment.

The PC-12 is also the airplane that gives you access to more airports in the US than any aircraft in its class, meaning what to you? It gets you closer to your destination... Because the goal with traveling by airplane is to drive less correct? Not to fly 3 hours then drive 3 hours?

With its unique, fat long wing and tremendously powerful single turboprop jet engine you can takeoff slower and land slower. Meaning what to you? A SAFER aircraft, that needs less runway to takeoff and land. While the prop helps the airplane produce more lift quicker... getting you airborne faster.

The PC-12 is also one of the most efficient operating aircraft, it burns half the gas compared to most, meaning to you; Go further, Go More, and Spend Less. What we like to call Your Best Bang for Your Buck!!!

Lastly one of the simplest reasons the Pilatus PC-12 is safer is the very simple built. The redundant and dependable systems makes the aircraft easier to fly, maintain, and operate.

To Sum up the meaning to you, with the Pilatus PC-12 you gain access to more destinations so you don't have to replace your flight time with driving time.

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LIVT fly Pilatus PC-12

What is it like Flying Private & Riding in a Pilatus PC12

When you arrive at the airport you drive to the gate, press the intercom and tell them your aircraft tail number. They say, ”Ok, we are buzzing you in, please drive up to your plane.” You drive towards your plane and pull up next to it. Your pilots and the line guys are there to greet you as you’re getting out of the car. They ask which bags are going where and tell you don’t worry about it; we will load up all the baggage and park your car for you. All while you’re still getting your sweet loving adorable kids out of the car. The captain quickly briefs you and tells you that they should be ready to go in 15 minutes, the weather is good and there should be no issues. He also tells you there are bathrooms, snacks, waters and such along with a luxurious sitting area inside the FBO. Once in the FBO you note that it’s peaceful, no lines, no frantic people running to catch their plane and the restroom is clean, with No paper towel thrown on the floor. The airplane is clean and sanitized, the FBO has only a few people in it, with ample space for safety... and social distancing.

The captain and first officer come in after the luggage is loaded, again briefing you on the conditions, check weather one more time, and tell you "we are good to go." The FBO drives you and the crew out to the airplane in a golf cart, like you could not walk or something?! Who knew?! But we all like to drive in a golf cart!! You board the clean, sanitized plane, there is no fighting on who gets the window seat as everyone gets a window and aisle seat. Now thats awesome! You get a snack for the kids and there is no worry about getting everything out of their back packs to entertain them because you can get it anytime. You grab a snack and a beverage the while pilot gives you another quick required bla bla FAA 135 briefing.

Within 15 minutes of arriving at the airport, you are airborne. You have officially began your next adventure. The flight is peaceful, yes in the Pilatus PC-12 you are going slower then an airline, but you are flying direct to Bigfork, MT not direct to Great Falls, MT where you would have to drive for an additional 4 hours to get to Bigfork, MT. All of this without getting sneezed or coughed on, without touching 100 un-sanitized surfaces with people who are sick with god knows what!

Takeoffs and landings are almost always like floating on clouds. When it comes to comfort, the 6 king chairs, though are not like your recliner at home, are pretty darn close for an aircraft in this class. The cabin is not a Stand-up cabin, it is just under 5 ft tall and 5-foot-wide, leaving ample space to kick back and relax!

What does this mean to you, flying in a Pilatus PC-12, exceeds flying first class commercial. First, no lines, no waiting at commercial terminals, less delays. You’re not sharing the airplane with anyone, besides who you invite. There is no tripping over anyone you don’t know, you’re not being sneezed or coughed on, or crammed between two people... you always have your own window and aisle seat. You have your own coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and bathroom. All thought it’s not your bathroom at home... it gets the job done... it’s basically heaven on earth or the best thing since sliced bread compared to flying commercial…. You get the meaning?

How are we keeping members safe?

LIVT fly Pilatus PC-12

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What Can you Carry?

The question really is, what can you not carry? Besides your house and the kitchen sink, you have a jumbo rear door just over 4 ft wide and 4ft tall for loading luggage or oversized furniture you may be transporting from one residence to the next. If you’re a shopper, you can load the aircraft down with new purchased thrills galore. Or perhaps you’re an outdoor enthusiast, mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, hiking, camping gear, and much more appeal to you.

Taking on large amounts of gear, will cut down on how many you can carry typically, but its your airplane and your adventure… the more the merrier is always the case. Hunters are welcome... carrying guns, loaded down hunting bags, ice chest, and such are welcome. We keep the bullets when flying… no crazy policy, fees, and changes per each airline.

The Pilatus PC-12 is any outdoor enthusiast dream. No matter your activity, you will not find any in its league to compare with... that will fly to more off the beaten path destinations, while carrying more, all for less.

COVID-19 will forever change how we fly, with more stringent checks and added processes at commercial terminals, just further adding to the already long times and wait times. The airlines have proven to be the perfect weapon to spread any infectious virus or disease. During this chaos, the Pilatus PC-12 and LIVT Membership Service was designed for you and to resolve this specific problem. Your life does not have to stop or be geared around the pandemics of the world. Fly regionally with LIVT to your remote getaways. Take charge of your life and safety, Live the LIVT Life!

Specifics on the PC-12

We of course want to cover all of the aviation mumbo jumbo, so you have it.... check out these links to gain specific details on safety statistics, aircraft specifics, to include cabin size, performance numbers and other.... don’t believe us… Check for Yourself!

How the Pilatus PC12 compares to the rest safety wise "Click Here"

Uses of the Pilatus PC12 and its Specs "Click Here"

-Tristan Ferrari-

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