Cessna Citation Excel

Outperform Your Expectations


Citation Excel Second To None

The Cessna Citation Excel is the most popular & safest private jet in the world, second to none. The aircraft is also one of the shortest landing Private Jets in its class.

Citation Excel the best in airplanes
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Pay For More, Get More

The Excel has a noticeably larger cabin then the Pilatus PC-12, where the height & width are roughly one foot larger, and the length is over 3 feet longer. Stand up and stretch your legs in a spacious cabin that allows for room to move around in ease, while offering seating for up to 7-8 passengers. A discrete lavatory is located in the back of the cabin, offering total privacy. Pay More then the Pilatus PC 12 & Get More.

the citation maximum comfort in the air, for private flights, you and your family
The Citation Excel has a noticeably larger cabin.


Overpacked, No Problem

No need to pack light, the baggage compartment of the aircraft allows for unmatched luggage capacity for all passengers. Your baggage will be safely located in a back compartment of the plane, however, unable to be accessed during your flight.

maximum experience on private flights
No need to pack light, the baggage compartment of the Citation Excel.


Simpler = Safer

Simpler controls and brighter displays joined with a more advanced avionics system gives flight crews instant, accurate, and up-to-date weather information, providing sharp situational awareness to both pilots and copilots making the Citation Excel smarter & safer than ever.

luxurious airplane cabin
Inside the cockpit of a Citation Excel

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