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LIVT offers our members access to a unique set of extremely safe private aircraft, what we call best of class aircraft, at a transparent inclusive cost, to meet our members regional travel needs, whether it is for business or pleasure. Flying Private is always more expensive than flying commercial. With LIVT Private Aviation meets Practicality!!!

LIVT's mission is to give our members more time by flying in private and you can see it in our gallery. What this means for you is that LIVT provides a solution so that our members do not waste time waiting at airports. Due to our better aircraft, our members gain access to more airports that can bring them closer to their destination, while transporting more for less and allowing our members to spend as much time as they wish, not as required by an airline, you can view our images.

You can see the base of the Membership in our gallery with LIVT is inside its name where LIVT = LIFE. Your lifestyle, our innovation and vision, for your time! Our mission and product is Your Time, along with your safety and the inspiring freedom of private flight.

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